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Catie Curtis

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Catie Curtis

Catie Curtis's list of accomplishments spans 14 albums, songs featured on TV shows “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Dawson’s Creek”, and “Felicity”; and movies like “Finding Graceland” and “A Slipping Down Life”. For over 25 years, she has been a perennially popular headliner, appearing at Lilith Fair, Carnegie Hall, performing arts centers, concert halls, folk clubs, music festivals and the White House! She was even dubbed a “folk rock goddess” by The New Yorker.

Catie’s career has been a marvel–a hopscotch of serendipity, small-town roots, and the search for honest stories. She seeks the everyday details that let you see your own life in her songs: headlights crossing a bedroom wall; finding love in your dad’s heart; and the falling-in-love moment of “The Kiss That Counted.”

Catie’s newest album speaks in that familiar, frank and reassuring voice about life events everyone encounters: love, loss, and the search for redemption. “While We’re Here” rides the wave of tumultuous life transitions (divorce, death and falling in love) with clear-eyed courage and soulfulness. As the title cut says “we could all die tomorrow, I’m not gonna live in fear, don’t ever stop giving living a shot, while we’re here.”

Around the country, people tell Curtis that her songs are like companions, soundtracks for their lives. In her ‘90s gay-rights classic, “Radical,” she sings, “I’m not being radical when I kiss you/ and I don’t love you to make a point.” The intimacy with which she has expressed her gay identity has helped others through their own difficult journey to authenticity, whether related to sexuality or simply accepting oneself whole-heartedly. “To me, a song is like a conversation with a friend,” she says. “There’s always a lot of ‘Yeah, yeah, me, too.’ There’s a kind of voice you use when you talk to someone you’re comfortable with. That’s the voice I look for in my songs.”

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