Hazel Hue

Hazel Hue

Swallow Hill Music - Quinlan CafeDenverCO
All Ages
Doors at 7:00pm, Show at 7:30pm. All sales are final.

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Hazel Hue is a new progressive acoustic duo that embraces the influence of Bluegrass, Americana, and Old-time. The group has appeared on stage aside Danny Barnes, Elephant Revival, and more. Consisting of vocalist, banjoist, and guitarist Alex Koukov, and vocalist, fiddle player, octave mandolinist, Bridger Dunnagan. Hazel Hue's songwriting is rapidly growing into the acoustic music scene.

Tulip, Hazel Hue’s first album, is a stunning debut of original and old-time bluegrass music. Bridger Dunnagan (fiddle, mandolin, voice) and Alex Koukov (guitar, banjo, voice) weave together a sound that both harkens to their bluegrass roots, and revitalizes the tradition with an array of colorful new tones and textures. Tulip showcases the two artists’ exceptional musicianship, as they seamlessly transition between instruments and synchronize in perfect harmony. Their melancholy tenor voices, poignant lyrics, and instrumental mastery run together like watercolor paints, colliding in a rich sound that stands apart from any other in the bluegrass scene.

The duo decided to name their album Tulip after their fifth track, which Dunnagan was in the process of composing in his great aunt’s watercolor studio when a woman came and knocked on the door. Dunnagan ran to answer the door before he stopped his audio recording, and accidentally recorded the entire conversation about the woman’s cat, “Tulip,” who had gone missing. A few months later, when he listened back to his composition, he found the recorded conversation and decided to set the woman’s words to the melody of his song.

The remainder of the songs on Tulip address themes ranging from emotional availability to the simplicity of happiness. The album combines Dunnagan and Koukov’s original songs, reharmonized old-time tunes, and covers written by friends.

Venue Information:
Swallow Hill Music - Quinlan Cafe
71 East Yale Ave
Denver, CO, 80210